Our Story

Experience Baseball was founded out of appreciation for the baseball experience, grassroots community development, young professionals, and most importantly for thoughtful baseball fans everywhere.

Why Baseball?

As socially conscious baseball fans, we disagree that baseball is an opiate that disconnects us from our social environment. We believe there is a way to enjoy a VIP baseball experience and support the strong, passionate women and men that work to improve urban baseball communities at the grassroots level. We created Experience Baseball exclusively for public benefit: to share the baseball game-day experience with socially conscious fans and to support  local communities in pro baseball cities across the country.

Nonprofit Model

With generous donations and gifts, we design safe, fun, educational VIP baseball game-day events for baseball fans and corporate groups at select ball parks across the country. With every game-day event, we support a local community development organization that works on the ground to improve young people’s access to health, education, and a vibrant economy in their home communities.

Community Network

We partner with leading baseball researchers, passionate grassroots community organizers, and baseball fans and philanthropists across the country in order to build a nationwide network and culture of baseball philanthropy, community engagement, and neighborhood development.

Quality Engagement

We’ve spent over a year carefully designing 2014, our first full Experience Baseball season. Our events are planned for baseball fans and corporate groups. Special keynote addresses from leading baseball researchers and commentators explore some of the most incredible historical, biographical, and cultural stories about America’s pastime. Events are fully catered and include exclusive seating at select big league games. The result is an annual series of safe, fun, educational baseball game-day events that raise awareness and support for urban neighborhood development in every city home to professional baseball.

Grassroots Support and Philanthropy

Baseball is a beautiful and aesthetic game. Baseball is made all the more beautiful and meaningful by the historic and cultural ties it shares with communities of fans living in neighborhoods throughout America’s most historic cities. However all too often, high density, diverse baseball cities succumb to social challenges such as violence, underemployment, poor social health, industry outsourcing, underfunded schooling, housing market redlining, and environmental concerns. These social challenges are real, existing barriers to community young people and to future baseball players, leaders, and fans.

We believe in helping those that help themselves. We believe local organizations are the most appropriate groups to determine and to respond to the challenges of their own communities. Experience Baseball respects communities’ rights to determine for themselves the needs that will impact their own future: the health, education, safety, and economic stability of their children and future generations. …Who We Support…

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of young, passionate, and socially conscious baseball fans across the country.  Dan and Toby have been friends and colleagues since their undergraduate years at Kansas State. Through community organizing and diversity education work at Notre Dame, Toby met passionate baseballer Nick. Nori and Courtney are recent Master of Social Work grads from the University of Michigan who joined Experience Baseball in 2013.

All of us now have worked together, traveled together, played together, and shared in countless conversations about the social impact of baseball on the lives of others. We discuss openly and regularly the ways a group of baseball fans can create a meaningful baseball experience and give back to baseball communities in the process. We share in the belief that thoughtful, passionate baseball fans can and will have a positive social impact on urban baseball communities. And we will do our part to build sustainable, long-term development support in urban neighborhoods through the love of baseball.