Why Baseball?

When thinking of corporate responsibility, what are some words that come to mind?

Conscientiousness, Charity, Ethical Standards, Community Engagement, Social Impact, Positive Influence, Baseball.

Wait, Baseball?  Why Baseball? 

Baseball is ingrained into American society. The American  flag is represented by the  red laces and white leather of a baseball and the blue skies of the summer. Just as the American Dream is supposed to be for everyone, so too is baseball supposed to be a sport for everyone.  But is baseball really a sport for all people?

Colorado Rockies vs. Seattle Mariners in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Colorado Rockies vs. Seattle Mariners in Scottsdale, Ariz.

When looking at baseball cities, often in highly populated areas of these cities, there is a clear disconnect between the stadium itself and the immediate surrounding community. When a person goes to a major league ballpark, he or she is awed with a grand and colossus feat of engineering ingenuity. Stadiums can be extremely powerful and elegant, but more times than not, this finely cut jewel is surrounded poverty. And rather than radiate out its brightness, the jewel instead, retracts all of its light and contains it. The stadiums brightness in the center of the city does not transfer over to the surrounding community. The stadiums brilliance is confined and limited to within itself. A definite schism is created between the stadium and the people who live nearest to it.

In thinking about corporate responsibility and the point was made earlier, baseball should be for everyone. As stated in “Our Story, more than 60% of baseball fans in America live in households with an income above $75,000More than 81% of baseball fans live in households with at least one college graduate.” Now this is not advocating for hand-outs, but rather for the bridging  of the existing schism between the baseball organization and the community in which the stadium is.

Before the idea of Experience Baseball, would any casual baseball fan have noticed the often impoverished area around the stadium? After reading this, the next time you park your car a couple blocks away or ride the train in, will you look carefully for and take notice of the area around the stadium? But, the more important question is, would the casual baseball fan act on what they observe in the neighborhoods around the stadium or would they continuously be blinded by the jewel of the baseball stadium, organization, and team, and walk right into the baseball game.

This is the purpose and need of Experience Baseball. We are the architects and builders of this bridge. Our aim is to  bring about awareness of this issue: that there is a moat around the castle of the stadium and the community nearest to it. We want corporations and baseball fans to realize the disconnect, and then act upon it. Experience Baseball is a magnifying glass, looking at all of the possible factors that contribute to this disconnect, so we as a group, can provide educational tours to improve upon baseball communities.

These education tours are not a call to oppose baseball, but rather to work with baseball and through baseball in order to fulfill all of our best interests as baseball lovers. As stated earlier, baseball is part of American society. And to improve American society we must work with the game we love and organize as fans, teams, and communities to improve all aspects of the game and the baseball stadiums.

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