Lost Boyz Inc.

We at Experience Baseball understand that achieving our goal will not be easy: after all, we are trying to improve an entire culture around ballparks. There exists an ignored problem – one that exists due to apathy and a sense of helplessness – which we hope to stop, by revealing it through education. And, with awareness comes action. We want to develop a whole community, both its mentality and the physical components. It will be no easy task, which is why we need help, support, and encouragement.

From early in our developmental stages (not very long ago; I mean right at this moment) to now, we have the goal to put the money we get from donations or earn from educational tours, back in to its respective community. In order to do this, we need help: from  team organizations, from fans, and from other non-profit and community groups. These community groups are essential for our goal. They know the territory the best and they know what each community needs the most. They are our inside man. With their help, we will be able to target underprivileged and underserved areas on all fronts. We can team up with youth organizations, education programs, health initiatives, community developments, you name it.

One of these organizations, who has been with Experience Baseball from very early on, is Lost Boyz Inc. Based in the South Shore community of Chicago, Lost Boyz Inc. provides an outlet for “incarcerated youth, alienated youth, low income youth, and abused youth” through sports and leadership programs. Since 2008, Lost Boyz Inc. has improved its community by giving the local youth an opportunity to fulfill their potential. We hope to help the youth and Lost Boyz Inc. through our work, which is why we will be supporting  Lost Boyz Inc. this Friday at their Take Me Out to the Ball Game fundraiser. Like Lost Boyz Inc., we want to use sports as a common ground. People love sports from all backgrounds, so why not share this love with everyone? From these connections with local non-profits, we hope to raise awareness and fix problems within a community at its roots.

Around a baseball stadium, there will be musicians playing for food, a person who hasn’t eaten in three days, and someone who just needs work. But it does not matter how many generous gifts are given, if these gifts do not go towards the origins of the problems. Most fans walking by do not have the inclination to stop and really look at the problem or the time to fix it; so, instead of just passing by, feeling pity, or tossing some change, support, volunteer for, or donate to organizations like Lost Boyz Inc. By helping them, you are helping the source of these problems. At Experience Baseball we want to educate people about the existing problem so that they ask why? And it is groups like Lost Boyz Inc. which begin to answer this challenging question.

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