Business Travels

Toby, Nick, and I are off on a whirlwind adventure. Or to put it boringly, a business trip. But not just any business trip, an Experience Baseball business trip.

So far we have braved the heat and humidity of Houston in order to attend the Major League Baseball Diversity Business Summit. Houston consists of 100-degree weather and about 110% humidity, so whenever we walked outside (decked out in business attire, of course), it was like walking into an oven, inside of a sauna, on the face of the sun. Other than the weather, Houston was a fine city. The city is doing a lot of work in the downtown area. For example, Nick and I walked through a newer park near the convention center that consisted of a small man-made lake, fountains, art, a basketball court, and a group of community center buildings. A day camp was taking place at this park, and it was great to see numerous volunteers and children playing there.

The Summit was incredibly beneficial to all of us, both professionally and personally. We met some interesting people and made some valuable connections throughout the two-day Summit (that is for another blog post). Hopefully, these connections will pay off down the road and further expand our network and supporters across the country.

Our manly 2013 Ford Focus hatchback

Our manly 2013 Ford Focus hatchback

We woke up early this morning, checked out of the hotel, and took an extremely expensive cab ride to the airport in order to pick up our rental car. The cab ride was necessary, but it cost us a few appendages.  Our rental car was a cherry red Ford Focus hatchback; a very cute and fitting car for three men. And with the Focus as our trustee steed, we were on the road again.

It was an 11 and a half hour car ride from Houston to Kansas City. There were lot of flat fields endless to the eye, a variety of crops, and occasionally the stretch of rolling green hills. One thing we learned on this trip, is that 12 hours of travelling consists of about eight hours of talking about business and four hours of stopping for gas, eating, and sleeping. Eight hours is a long long time for one business meeting, but with a new organization like ours, there was a lot to talk about.

After the longest business meeting to date, we made it safely to Kansas City and are now preparing for our event on Tuesday the 25th at Kauffman Stadium.

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