MLB Diversity Business Summit

The MLB Diversity Business Summit was extremely interesting and helpful both on a personal level and a professional level.

To start off our time in Houston, Toby set up a one-on-one meeting with the Houston Astros organization, with the hopes of us taking Experience Baseball‘s events to Minute-Maid Park in the near future and for possible sponsorships. His meeting went very well and the Astros showed great interest in our organization. After we rock our next two events, Kansas City on the 25th and Chicago on the 2nd, we will be in prime position to expand to other cities, like Houston.

Minute Maid ParkWednesday morning, we heard a panel of five presidents and CEOs discuss the business of Major League Baseball and the need for diversity in professional baseball. In the early afternoon, we heard Commissioner Bud Selig speak about why MLB has the Summit and why it will continue to have Summits in the future. Selig talked about Major League Baseball’s priority to reflect the United States and growth with the country as it continuously changes. For Experience Baseball, this is very good news because we want to be a leader and mode of change in baseball as a bridge to each respective community.

In the afternoon, there was a session about how to initiate the process of working with Major League Baseball and then how to sustain the relationship as business partners. This was very helpful to Experience Baseball as we move forward with the hopes of sponsorship from MLB and the each major league club.

After the business session, there was a discussion about MLB’s involvement in communities. Major League Baseball and most teams break down their community involvement into three categories: Education, Health, and Community. These programs are very large and are often a national affair; Experience Baseball wants to create a beneficial relationship between the baseball organization and its immediate community around the ballpark. This community outreach presentation gave us valuable insight into where we can be most relevant and impactful in baseball charity work, and that place is right outside of the stadiums.

For Nick and me, it was also an opportunity to talk to MLB teams, Minor League Baseball, and the MLB central offices about future careers and internships.

I was able to talk to the HR representative for the Arizona Diamondbacks, which was pretty awesome – even just to get my name on their radar for the time being. Nick was able to talk to a significantly more number of teams and I think we will see him with a Major League team in two years.

As for Experience Baseball, there are areas which need improvement in baseball cities and we will be there to bridge the gap.


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