Electric Blue

Our manly 2013 Ford Focus hatchback

Our manly 2013 Ford Focus hatchback

When we arrived in Kansas City, we had to return the riotous Red Devil.

It was a small car, but it was a dependable car. It got us where we needed to be safely and effectively. Little did we know, that our car was going to get smaller.

Originally, Toby had booked a compact car and it was supposed to be a Fiat. Now if you have seen a Fiat, they look like little clown cars. To put it in perspective, Shaq uses two Fiats as roller skates. Imagine three grown men crammed into a Fiat for a week; it would have been a sight to see.

But instead, the wonderful lady at the rental place gave us an upgrade at no cost. She upgraded us to the EB Monster, the EB Machine, the EB Mobile. You might be thinking ‘EB’ stands for Experience Baseball, and it does of course, but it also stands for Electric Blue. We were upgraded to an Electric Blue Mustang. 20130624_095703 It was fated that we get an EB Mobile for our time in Kansas City. Think about it, baseball is American and so are Mustangs. Experience Baseball is American and so is being electric blue, look at the Blue Man Group.

So for this week, we are driving around in the EB-EB Mobile: The Electric Blue-Experience Baseball Mobile. The Mustang may be bigger than the Focus hatchback, but the legroom is about the same, especially for whoever is sitting in the back. In our future endeavors, in cities across the country, we plan to rent an electric blue car wherever we go. That way, when people think of electric blue, they immediately associate the color with Experience Baseball.

We thought we were unique, but when we were printing out our programs we saw someone copying us or we found our long lost twin. I think we are just starting a trend. It will be a sad day on Wednesday when we have to return Ol’ Blue.20130624_141327

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