Chicago Wrap

Yesterday was a great day for Experience Baseball and for all of our supporters.  We had an amazing event at US Cellular Field with some awesome people. It was a full turnout and a good mix of fans, baseball historians, professors, college students, coaches, and ball players from Lost Boyz Inc.

This is us setting up our tailgate.

Set Up CrewEB BannerTailgate Setup

More like, our tailgate is now set up and Nick is just waiting for the delicious Uncle John’s BBQ. We had rib tips, hot links, and fries, all covered in some seriously addicting barbeque sauce.

Uncle John's BBQAfter set up, the educational presentation took place in the stadium. Dr. Steven Riess gave a fascinating presentation entitled, “Tales of Two Teams: Ballparks in Chicago and the Integration of Chicago’s Parks,” about baseball and its urban impact in the Windy City.

We worked up quite an appetite listening to Professor Riess and enjoying learning about the inspirational Buck O’Neil from an excellent documentary video on the history of Negro League Baseball in Chicago. The video was produced by the Chicago Baseball Museum. Outside, we feasted on the Uncle John’s BBQ I had mentioned. There were plenty of napkins and I am almost positive every shirt went home relatively clean.

 With the food gone, there was plenty to do: people to talk to, games to be played, and pictures to take.

To finish off the night we went to the game and saw the White Sox beat the Orioles 5-2. Toby was a little disappointed in his O’s, but at least he wasn’t the only Baltimore fan at the game and he was ecstatic we put on such a great event. Thank you for everyone who came out and supported Experience Baseball  and  Lost Boyz Inc.

Here are some pictures of our Chicago group tailgating Experience Baseball style.

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