Our Commitment

Since January 2013, Experience Baseball has engaged baseball fans in efforts to improve the quality of life in urban neighborhoods. We remain committed to thoughtful, educational baseball programs that lend support to incredible grassroots development organizations in pro baseball cities. And we remain devoted to the professional and intellectual development of young people: our staff and our partners.

Violence, underemployment, poor social health, industry outsourcing, underfunded schooling, housing market redlining, environmental racism, and other structural injustices maintain horrible inequalities among young people in urban cities across the country. At Experience Baseball, we will do our part to build sustainable, long-term development support in urban neighborhoods using love of baseball as the catalyst. We’re still new, but we are passionate about making a significant positive social impact.

Our commitment: By the last pitch of the 2016 MLB regular season, we will engage more than 2,700 baseball fans at more than 100 unique and educational game-day events at big league parks; we will raise more than $100,000 in support of at least 30 incredible community organizations; and we will provide professional training and experience to more than 20 young people who will go on to brilliant, passionate careers in sports and philanthropic industries.

Three years is necessary for us to build and nurture thoughtful relationships with the most appropriate local, grassroots organizations in urban baseball communities. And it will take three years for us to connect with excellent baseball researchers and to build lasting trust in our ability to provide safe, fun, and educational baseball game-day events for all baseball fans.

Beyond 2016 we’ll continue to measure and increase the level of support for our baseball communities. And we’ll continue to offer fans unsurpassed educational baseball game-day experiences, as well as the opportunity and the empowerment to give back to thoughtful women and men leading development efforts in their own cities.

Always, through baseball, Experience Baseball is committed to helping others help themselves. Find out how you can help.