Our Purpose

Baseball, the industry and its millions of fans, is comprised of the highest educated, most generous men and women in professional sports. Inextricably tied to North American achievement and development, baseball continues to offer unsurpassed opportunities for fans to come together regularly and in large numbers, to strengthen communities in need, and to inspire future generations.

Experience Baseball is a public benefit organization and social network of baseball fans, scholars, community leaders, corporate partners, and grassroots development organizers who care about the current state of life in urban neighborhoods tied to professional baseball. It is founded on values of entrepreneurship, social justice, community improvement, philanthropy, and professional development. Experience Baseball aims both to promote awareness of baseball’s critical relationship to its urban communities and to improve the quality of life in urban neighborhoods through its activities.

These aims will be achieved by increasing awareness of urban social issues among baseball fans, bolstering support for grassroots community development in baseball cities, and contributing to the professional training of future generations of baseball and philanthropic leaders. In working to achieve these aims, Experience Baseball will create a diverse and collaborative intellectual network that extends to all levels of baseball, philanthropic, and community leadership.