With the Red Sox win the 2013 season has officially ended. And there are some people and organizations to acknowledge and to thank for their part in the creation of Experience Baseball this year.

This list will never feel complete.

For their time, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and guidance, Experience Baseball’s Board of Directors: Raymond Doswell, Maria McKenna, and Daniel Day. Without their leadership, Experience Baseball could not have evolved.

For his baseball acumen and interest in this project, Experience Baseball’s Baseball Advisor, Ed Edmonds.

Oliver Jenkins and Buchi Offodile for their professional consultations. Buchi, especially, for the EB logo and very clean, professional aesthetic. Oliver for the tightening and honing of Experience Baseball’s educational agenda and assessment methods.

To ALL of our extremely generous, encouraging donors and supporters during our inaugural pilot season. The list of individuals is too large and too anonymous to post. Needless to say, without support of time, mentorships, and especially generous donations, Experience Baseball could not have succeeded in its 2013 pilots.

Tremendous thank yous go to the Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox, and the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority for their support, patience, and willingness to work with this new organization in 2013. The support and collaboration of these organizations this year inspires the future of baseball community work.

For their time, collaboration, and encouragement, the Chicago Baseball Museum: Especially David “Doc” Fletcher, George Castle, and Tom Shaer.

For their incredible knowledge, generosity, and time: Raymond Doswell again and Steven Riess.

For mentorship and feedback at a very early stage, attendees and members of the Athletes and Social Change Conference: Especially Mary Hums and Eli Wolff.

For their patience and for their unsurpassed passion and energy for the work to contribute new ideas and new programs to improve the relationship between baseball fans and baseball communities, Experience Baseball’s very first team: Nick Sanchez, Isaac Lorton, Nori Drach, and Courtney Kaplan.

And always, always to gentleman Dan Keating for patience, advice, and thoughtful knowledge of the legalese.

Finally, along Chicago’s South Shore exists an incredible youth development baseball organization called Lost Boyz, Inc., founded and managed locally by LaVonte Stewart. LaVonte and his sister Jocelyn have offered Experience Baseball more than they realize through the passion and dedication with which they serve their communities and families, as well as through the eagerness, energy, and encouragement they have showed Experience Baseball from its earliest stage. Experience Baseball and baseball fans generally still have a lot to learn about the development issues that exist in our baseball towns and cities. And as Experience Baseball continues to learn and to move its organization forward, LaVonte, Jocelyn, and Lost Boyz will be the role models against which all of our organization’s future partners and partnerships will be measured.

Thank you to everyone who stopped in to see Experience Baseball develop during its inaugural season. Please look for plenty more to come in 2014.