As Long As It Takes

I spoke recently with the women of Diamonds in the Rough, Experience Baseball’s newest partner organization in the Cleveland area.

During this recent conversation, I was asked by one of the DIR representatives:

“How long will this Partnership last? Is support of Diamonds in the Rough a one-time thing?”

It’s a line of questions we ask ourselves often. How far away is the finish line? How long should we be committed to improving urban life through our activities? How long will we be interested in the lives of the young Diamonds or the young men of Lost Boyz in Chicago?

As a smart business, our practical goals will always be measurable: in dollar amounts raised, baseball fans reached, young people trained and then employed. We will scale and measure capacity accordingly, and our activities will be directed with respect to market forces and the supply and demand of intelligent baseball fans, corporate philanthropists, and national social work programming.

But when it comes to the consideration of time, the length of time of our interest in the social challenges that impact urban baseball city centers: social challenges like youth violence in South Side Chicago parks and poor social health and lack of positive female role models in Cleveland; when it comes to length of time of our support of the incredible women and men that work to improve their own communities day-in and day-out; and when it comes to the length of time of our commitment to utilize our passion and love of a beautiful game, baseball, in the service of urban community development and education; our answer to the very important question, “How long will this effort last,” is simple:

As long as it takes.

Maybe we will see complete victory in our lifetimes. Quite possibly, we won’t. But our mission will always be to improve the Quality of Life in neighborhoods home to professional baseball. And we are committed to that work—through our education, grassroots support, and professional development—for as long as it takes to eliminate the harmful and debilitating effects of violence, underemployment, poor social health, environmental hazards, and undeveloped economies.

So, not for the last time: The relationships with Diamonds in the Rough and with Lost Boyz and with all future community partners will last in quality and length for as long as it takes. With the support of baseball fans, we can make a difference.

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