Encouraging Curiousity

How do we develop curiosity? How do we introduce our children to this strange, difficult to describe trait that is shared by some of the most successful and interesting people in the world? Recently, I read through this article from Book Riot and author, Rachel Cordasco, makes quite a compelling case that books are the perfect place to start developing this quality. Cordasco proposes that we should have no restriction on our children’s reading selection. This freedom of choice lets them openly explore different genres, time periods and writing styles based on their interests. In turn, this freedom helps reveal a “kaleidoscopic diversity of human experience” and opens their eyes to the world as an “infinitely fascinating place.”

And why is this important? Because many young people today are trapped in a negative environment and need a place to get away. This escape often comes in the form of video games and television but can rear itself into more violent or criminal activities. Imagine the difference it would make if young people are able to look around knowing that adventure is everywhere. And imagine how liberating it is knowing that even when your own world feels frustrating, that you can pick up a book and lose yourself in a different world.

Cordasco writes that “discovery through reading is a universal experience, one that enables readers to imagine other lives and other worlds.”A good story immerses you so fully that you are taken along for the ride. You don’t just imagine visiting these places, but you are actually there. There’s no separation.

Perhaps then, the best way to let our children experience this world is to let them explore it for themselves. Walk them into a library and let them see beyond just a place that can help with their studies, to a land where every direction is a new adventure.

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