Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the Quality of Life in neighborhoods home to professional baseball.


We advance our mission through quality educational events, simple philanthropy, and effective community partnerships, in accordance with the following values:

Social Justice

Experience Baseball is committed in its programs and services to social justice, defined as the full and equal participation, safety, and independence of all identity groups.


Experience Baseball is an antiracist organization, defined as an organization that builds all relationships and activities in society based on antiracist commitments. Experience Baseball recognizes that historic and systemic forms of oppression exist in society. As an antiracist organization, Experience Baseball actively identifies, discusses, and challenges issues of race and the impact(s) these have on the organization, its structure, its people, and its partners.

Community Development

Experience Baseball respects communities’ rights to determine themselves the needs that will improve overall community Quality of Life. It is Experience Baseball’s responsibility to provide quality, high-impact support for local, autonomous community development corporations that work to improve access to health, education, and a vibrant economy in their neighborhoods.