On the List! Pt.2

Our vision for the Lost Boyz Library Project includes providing a well-rounded collection that will excite and educate. This includes the addition of some classic titles, that are not recent releases. We feel that it is still important to include some of these books because the themes and lessons that they hold still are relevant to young people today.  Here are a few of the books from our wish list and why we want to include them in the library:


House on Mango StreetThe House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros tells the story of a young girl, Esperanza Cordero, growing up in Chicago. The story is broken up into vignettes which provide insight into the lives of the protagonist and those who surround her. The book manages to address important themes such as poverty, sexuality, the importance of education, identity, and more. This honest and hopeful coming of age story continues to be a great feature for young readers.



To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee has garnered renewed interest lately due to the recent release of the follow-up novel Go Set a Watchman this year. However, Mockingbird still holds strong as a classic that is used across classrooms To Kill a Mockingbirdand book clubs to this day. Following the story of Scout, this thought-provoking book deals with issues of racial inequality, moral standards, and a young girl’s journey to understand it all in a book that remains a staple.



Lord of the FliesLord of the Flies by William Golding follows a group of young boys on a deserted island. The story examines themes of friendship, human nature, morality, and innocence. This book provides a great insight into the dynamics of young characters while also portraying exciting action that will keep readers intrigued.



Charlotte’s Webb by E. B. White is a long-beloved children’s book that continues to be enjoyed by all ages. The story Charlottes Webbexplores themes of friendship, life and death as it chronicles the relationships between  Wilbur (the pig) and Charlotte (the spider). While a book about animals may seem silly for some, the beauty and tenderness of the story still shows important aspects of friendship that can be carried throughout life.

On the List!

We would like to use these occasional posts to provide more insight about books on our Amazon Wish List for the Lost Boyz Library Project. Hopefully, this will convey our vision for this library project and inspire other educators as well!


Dr Seuss



Most people can remember Dr. Seuss books from their own childhood. And they continue to be great for all ages!  Dr. Seuss books provide an entertaining foundation to language development for beginning readers and remain favorites as children grow-up. These are books that will keep a young child’s interest, invoking rhymes and wordplay to entertain.







Firebird is a book written and inspired by Misty Copeland. Copeland is a skilled ballet dancer and the first African-American woman to be promoted to principal dancer at the history of the American Ballet Theatre. The beautiful pictures in this wonderful book are sure to inspire other young dancers and promote self-confidence.







Bippity Bop Barbershop details the experiences of a first-time visit to the barbershop for a young boy. This relatable and well-illustrated book explores this important experience in life while also celebrating the beauty of hair.





Do you have any suggestions of books we should add to our library wish list? Leave a comment with your recommendation and why.