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A baseball fan in general and a Baltimore Orioles fan specifically, I’ve always found community in baseball—from public parks and neighborhood teams to privately-funded traveling teams to coaching and umpiring jobs to high-fiving O’s fans at ballparks across the country.

Tobias Blake ballcap, Experience BaseballI spent six years in Multicultural Student Affairs in Higher Education. In Higher Ed, I was tasked with supporting education about, and the movement for, racial equality on a college campus. I worked with thoughtful young people on challenging material such as underrepresented history, racial privilege, and racial and cultural identity.

In January and February of 2012, I helped to design a forum on race and sports that included Doc Gooden, Rocket Ismail, Pam Oliver, and the heroic Richard Lapchick. A season later, I helped to organize an educational series on the legacy of the Negro Leagues in contemporary art and entertainment with Geralyn Strecker, Raymond Doswell, and Kadir Nelson. I also organized a discussion seminar on the future of race relations in baseball with Major League Baseball’s Wendy Lewis and historian Adrian Burgos, Jr.